Onlookers view Lynn Marie Kirby’s Lenten Light Conversions
A parishioner’s personal photo contribution
Parishioner’s personal photo contributions 
Parishioner’s personal photo contributions
Historic images of the erection of St. Ignatius Church
Historic images of the erection of St. Ignatius Church
Groundbreaking and blessing at the site of St. Ignatius Church 
Early beginnings of building at the site of St. Ignatius Church

On Site/Insight

September 18 – December 4, 2008 – Inaugural Exhibition

Guillermo Galindo, Jun Jalbuena, Lynn Marie Kirby and various parishioner photos

Manresa Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, On Site/Insight celebrated not only the new Gallery space, but the Church itself. The Fulton Street location of St. Ignatius Street is the fifth building in as many locations. The inspiration for the exhibition emerged from an archive of photographs that offered a glimpse of the church’s vast history. Parishioners were encouraged to participate by submitting family photographs that associated them with the current community, which were exhibited alongside artists work. Other works pointed to the underlying symbiotic relationship that the Gallery has with the Church.  With its location inside a sacred space, the Manresa Gallery and its inaugural exhibition offered an invitation to parishioners and others to engage in dialogues regarding the mystery that is both art and faith.

Programs + Events

Inaugural Dedication 
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