Future Exhibitions

Looking further ahead, we are in the process of planning many exciting exhibitions this year. In the spring, we will host Draw From Life, a partnership between Manresa Gallery, St. Ignatius Parish Advocacy Committee, and an artist and clinical psychology student and Jasper House Haiti. The latter is a non-profit project focusing in Haiti on empowering women survivors of sexual exploitation.  During a ten-day art-based leadership curriculum in Haiti, these women will produce artwork that focuses on healing and empowerment.

Still ahead: photographic prints show on our American spiritual heritage.


The Gallery is committed to developing dynamic offerings and invites others to share in its future plans. There are a number of ways in which you can get involved, including:

1) Offer work for display from your collection. The type of work you collect could suggest a theme for an exhibition. What is your voice as a collector? Why do you find art to be important; what kind of enrichment does it offer your life? Such would assist a selection of artists for future Manresa exhibitions.

2) Help organize a Partnership. Share with the Gallery a vision for a potential partnership, for example, in the area of interreligious projects.

3) Underwrite a Manresa Gallery exhibition: e.g., artists’ stipends, commissioned work, travel support for an international artist, installation and shipping.

4) Contribute to the Gallery’s Visual Arts Fund. The Genevieve Blaettler Fund for theVisual Arts provided a splendid beginning. Now funding is sought to allow the Gallery to operate long into the future. A significant augmentation of the base Fund is critical for the Gallery to operate beyond 2015.

You are asked to send your ideas and proposals to Fr. Jim Blaettler, S.J., Gallery Director, at: manresagallery@gmail.com