Tobi Kahn, HADAHR VI (2006)
Tobi Kahn, VAYTI (1996)
Tobi Kahn, TUHMYM (2001)
Tobi Kahn, YSHA (1998)
Tobi Kahn, VYHTI (2008)
Tobi Kahn, LHAYD (2008)
Tobi Kahn, SVIRH (2008)
Tobi Kahn, LAHAV II (2008)
Tobi Kahn, QUYA (2008)

Sacred Synergies: Works by Tobi Kahn

October 17, 2010 – February 27, 2011

The solo exhibition, Sacred Synergies, featured a series of large scale paintings and Jewish ceremonial objects by New York artist Tobi Kahn. The exhibition featured large-scale paintings originally commissioned for a series on permanent display at the Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun in Milwaukee, WI that have been integrated into the temple’s worship space. Alongside these paintings, a number of contemporary renditions of traditional ceremonial objects used in daily Jewish ritual practice were shown.

Kahn’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally; his commissioned installations can be found at the HealthCare Chaplaincy of New York, in temples, and public spaces across the United States. Deeply informed by his relationship with Judaism and the sacred, Kahn’s work takes up notions of beauty in relation to the divine and in light of the horror and trauma the Holocaust left upon his lineage.

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