An onlooker stands before Ben Wood’s 9/11 memorial projection just before sundown.
Onlookers at dusk contemplate the 9/11 memorial. 
The interfaith service at St. Ignatius Church included local clergy leaders of all faiths. After the service a silent procession lead to a prayer and viewing of the memorial. 
Ben Wood’s 9/11 memorial projected onto the facade of St. Ignatius Church. 
A view of the projector beam coming from across the Church. 
Ben Wood’s 9/11 memorial projected onto the facade of St. Ignatius Church. 
An onlooker at dusk walks towards through a row of candles to view the projection. 
Artist Ben Wood running test projections across from St. Ignatius Church.

Remembering 9/11: Programs + Events

Remembering 9/11
New video work by Ben Wood, commissioned by Manresa Gallery
Curated by Tamara Loewenstein
Evening of September 11, 2011

On the occasion of the ten year anniversary of the September 11 World Trade Center Attacks, Manresa Gallery commissioned San Francisco based, British born artist Ben Wood to make new video work. Projected onto the east façade of St. Igantius Church on the evening of the anniversary, Wood’s video paid tribute to the lives lost in 2001. Using the existing architecture of the landmark San Francisco Church as a starting point, Wood’s video was cut to match the building’s window like arches, weaving together imagery of individuals of myriad faith backgrounds in prayerful action. The resulting illusion was that of looking into the Church as though the boundary of interior and exterior had dissolved. On such a solemn day of reflection and contemplation, Wood’s work reminded us of the power of community and faith, extending an invitation to join one another in remembering those fallen and those they left behind, together marking the passage of time.

Original video by Ben Wood

An interfaith service presented in collaboration between St. Ignatius Church, Manresa Gallery and  The University of San Francisco’s University Ministry was led by Rabbi Allen B. Bennett (Temple Israel), Sister Bhawana Kamil, (Muslim American Society) and Father John A. Coleman, S.J. (St. Ignatius Church).

A service following the interfaith service was hosted by USF’s University Ministry to provide time for fellowship and communal remembrance.

Ben Wood is a British visual artist based in San Francisco who is deeply committed to improving community relations through art that is both engaging and accessible to the public. Wood received his BFA in Digital Media from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Master’s Degree in Visual Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the recipient of the California Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation for his work to preserve the Mission Dolores mural in 2004 and the 0-1 Visa for Artists of Extraordinary Ability. Since 2004, he has carried out over 5 large-scale video projections onto Coit Tower in San Francisco. Wood’s work has been shown at the Museo Nacional de Arte in México City, the London Jewish Museum, and the East West Center in Honolulu. Learn more about Ben at


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