PANEL DISCUSSION for Dialoguing with Sacred Texts

October 6th at 10:50am
Xavier Hall, Fromm Building (north of Church) USF

Moderated by Michelle Townsend
Featuring : Seyed Alavi, Renee Billingslea, Mel Day and Terri Garland

Artists included in this exhibition were carefully chosen for their integration of approach, intent, and finished work. They explore a range of complex questions: What matters most about sacred text, the object or the content? Is the alteration or transformation of a holy book blasphemous? How does the repetition of text as spoken prayer, chant, or song affect its meaning? Their approaches enlist calligraphy, photography, drawing, and performance. Some works nod to specific faiths, while others are reverently ecumenical.

Image credit: Mel Day
Study Guides for Experimental Contemplatives (Volumes 1-3), mixed media, dimensions variable, 2011