Night into Day: The Eye of Ahland


Artist Lecture and Discussion, November 1st, 10:45 AM
Night Into Day: The Eye of Ahland

Xavier Hall, Fromm Building (just north of St. Ignatius Church)

To open the exhibition “A Long Journey into Night: Expectations and Clearings in the Photography of Nicole Ahland,” the artist will give a presentation on her photographic work, surveying her entire oeuvre while focusing on the works in the current exhibition. Curator Father Jim Blaettler will  relate the current exhibition to concepts of space and light in medieval art and churches as spaces for meditation. The artist and curator will be joined by Kai Kullen, previous curator at Kunststation Sankt Peter, for a question and answer portion. An opening reception will follow in the gallery.

About the Artist: Nicole Ahland uses analog photography to explore charged spaces; her work makes note of memories, moods, and histories. Ahland’s search for rooms with traces of upheavals or demolitions has lead her across Europe, and she continues to search for a distinguished spatial quality that often reveals the tension inherent in the relationship between the aesthetics of architecture and a space’s functionality.