Partial Views: Recoding Sacred Objects
Now through February 8, 2015

Featuring new commissioned works by
Todd Bura
Rebeca Bollinger
Bryson Gill and
Ranu Mukherjee

Partial Views challenges the notion that art plays with a necessary ambiguity in the evolution and development of spiritual progress. Rebeca Bollinger and Ranu Mukherjee employ conceptual, investigative approaches, while Todd Bura and Bryson Gill consider the poetic gestures of material.

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Opening in March, 2015
Under Cover: Liturgical Garb as a Place for Mystery (working title). This exhibition will feature vestments from different religious traditions: Christian (Catholic), Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist sacred garb. It starts with the idea of the Biblical meeting tent and extends to the practical experience of the cloak of the poor as their shelter. What covers both reveals a religious identity but also simultaneously keeps sacred a mystery.