Partial Views: Recoding Sacred Objects
October 4, 2014 – February 8, 2015
Artist Reception Sunday, October 12, 12pm – 2:30pm

Manresa Gallery is pleased to present new commissioned works by
Todd Bura, Rebeca Bollinger, Bryson Gill, and Ranu Mukherjee
in response to objects in the permanent collection and historical events of St. Ignatius Church.

Partial Views challenges the notion that art plays with a necessary ambiguity in the evolution and development of spiritual progress. Using this thought as a cue, four contemporary San Francisco based artists were shown historical objects and artifacts from the Church’s permanent collection. What developed in their creative replies keeps pace with the character of the inspirational objects while inviting visitors to view the traditional and new works as an ensemble of multiple entry points and thresholds into truth. Rebeca Bollinger and Ranu Mukherjee employ conceptual, investigative approaches, while Todd Bura and Bryson Gill consider the poetic gestures of material.

Bollinger is creating a site-specific light installation in response to the history of Jesuit Father Joseph Neri, who helped pioneer the first use of electric light in 1870’s San Francisco. Bura approaches the here and there—where painting activates the metaphysic. Gill considers the fog as a metaphor for the converse of the sun, and their significance as a duality for things that are present and also hidden. Mukherjee responded to an antique Sodality Banner, addressing the body as apparition, and as a vehicle for visualization.